Ethereum Casino

With new Ethereum gambling operators popping up right, left, and center, we know as no other that it can be hard to navigate through the decentralized casino landscape. The Ethereum casino operators we have hand-picked for you offer a variety of games, including slots, dice, poker, and even sports betting, while reaping the benefits of using Ethereum or Bitcoin.

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BC.Game is an ultra modern crypto-native platform to play popular crypto games, casino games, and even wager on sports games.

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Apart from offering a top-notch casino experience, FortuneJack Casino has a generous loyalty program and accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

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mBit Casino has one of the largest product ranges in the industry, offering more than 1000 individual games for players who are looking to use crypto.

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The many advantages of Ethereum Casino gaming


Numerous crypto casinos don’t strictly require you to verify you identity or address – since the blockchain implies the security which formally was at the responsibility of the casino operator. This gives you the option to gamble completely anonymous.

Transaction Speed

One of the main advantages of using a crypto currency like Ethereum is the security and speed of transactions. The blockchain technology reduces transaction speeds to roughly 10 minutes for a 100% confirmed transaction.


The nature of Ethereum makes it virtually impossible to tamper with, since all the smart contracts need to be verified by users. Since the apps, including casinos, built on this platform are decentralized, they follow the same safety protocols.

Ethereum Casino 2022 Ultimate Guide

Many casino have listened to their customers and now offer a variety of crypto payment options, Ethereum being no exception. Let’s have a closer look in this Ethereum Casino 2022 Guide. Who are the gainers, who are the losers?

Ethereum Gambling Sites 2018

What differentiates Ethereum from other crypto currencies is that its economy is based on a platform that uses smart contracts. These smart contracts are a way of creating highly efficient economic and organizational systems that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

The growth of cryptocurrencies and more importantly – their underlying blockchain protocol, has created a range of opportunities for new and exciting gambling streams. Although the technology is still in its infancy, there are a variety of interesting online casino projects to consider.

Ethereum & Crypto Casinos

Online gambling using crypto is one of the latest trends in iGaming. While some simple Bitcoin games, like dice, are around for some time now, major casino operators and new innovative startups are now starting to accept a range of crypto currencies, including Ethereum, as deposit and cash-out method.

All true crypto currencies are decentralized, not governed by any one party, making it extremely corruption-proof

While there are a bunch of operators that accept Ethereum (ETH) as a payment option, as of yet, fully decentralized online casinos build on the Ethereum platform are only a handful. What this means is that a ‘real’ Ethereum casino can only be called so when it is created on the Ethereum platform and ecosystem using smart contracts. As Ethereum is gaining traction, rivaling the market cap of Bitcoin, and more developers are starting to work on decentralized (gaming) applications, the consensus is that sooner, rather than later, the existence of fully fledged Ethereum casino applications is inevitable.

Confusing? Not to worry, all you need to know is that there are a number of online casinos that accept Ethereum, Bitcoin and a range of other crypto coins as a method of depositing and withdrawing and in the near future more and more actual decentralized Ethereum casinos will pop up. Also changing your Ethereum into other cryptos, like Bitcoin is surprisingly easy thanks to exchanges like, PoloniexShapeShiftBitStamp, and Kraken. Some of them also offer you the option to exchange your crypto into traditional currency such as Dollar and Euro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though Ethereum casinos are becoming more commonplace, gambling using crypto still raises lots of questions. While most crypto casinos share a lot of similarities with traditional online casinos, they do differ in some key aspects. Below you’ll find the 5 most asked questions we hear from enthusiasts.

What is an Ethereum Casino?

Ethereum casinos are basically one of two things. Either a casino that accepts Ethereum as deposit or withdrawal method. Or a casino that leverages the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts. The latter being the most ‘true’ Ethereum casino experience, as all games and transactions are broadcasted on the public ledger.

Are Ethereum Casinos anonymous?

A common misconception is that everything crypto is anonymous. The reality is far from that. The blockchain allows for all transactions to be public. However, if your Ether coins and your Ethereum casino account is not connected to your name directly, a great deal of anonymity can be achieved.

Is gambling with Ethereum legal?

Yes, Ethereum casinos are legal in most jurisdictions. The casinos that accept Ether as a form of payment are usually licensed in the relevant jurisdictions for you to play there legally. If they don’t have, say a European or US license, they operate under a license that allows them to operate globally as a decentralized casino. Be sure to check country restrictions before depositing.

What are the advantages of an Ethereum casino?

The main advantages of a decentralized Ethereum casino are:

  1. A great level of anonymity.
  2. Permissionless payments. Deposits or withdrawals are unstoppable.
  3. Fairness. The inner working of the games and transactions are broadcasted on a public ledger for anyone to verify.

Are Ethereum casinos available in my country?

The casino landscape is a dynamic one, especially the crypto casino landscape. The rule of thumb is: if online casino are legal in your country, Ethereum casino will also be. However, while often jurisdiction take the same stance to online gambling when it comes to Ethereum gambling, an Ethereum casino might offer you access to gaming in jurisdiction where it’s hard to find an online casino.

Crypto currencies use peer-to-peer technology, comparable to BitTorrent, which requires no intermediaries to facilitate transactions.

Ethereum Casino Bonus

So why use Ethereum so play your favourite casino games? The most obvious benefit of playing at an Ethereum Casino, or any other crypto casino, is player anonymity. Since transaction are impossible to link to you as a person, following money streams no longer works. The elimination of intermediaries takes out the middle man (banks and third-party payment providers), and also the costs, invasive oversight, and time-delays associated with this. This makes crypto casino winnings completely tax exempt.