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Team of Ethereum Casino Industry Veterans

When ETH Casino was born, the igaming industry was rather stale. Traditional online casinos were offering the same boring stuff, and was rife with scandals of players not getting paid, rigged games, etc. Enter Ethereum! This new blockchain offered programs to run in a decentralized manner. Soon the first casino’s popped up, and we got very enthusiastic by these developments. 

Recognizing that the new technology was disruptive, we immediately jumped in to offer education in this exciting new industry. Our core team has been unchanged for many years. And together with eager freelancers, we aim to offer unbiased reviews, guides, and advice on everything crypto and Ethereum Casino related. 

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Jop N.


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About Us

Passion for the industry

We all come from different backgrounds, but what we have in common is a passion for crypto, gaming, and casinos. Some lean more to the crypto-side of things, others more to the igaming aspects. Together, our team forms a solid basis to educate a broad audience about anything happening at the cross-section of all these industries.

Our content is geared towards education. This can be on a variety of topics, from decentralized gambling to the technicalities of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Besides this, we also review and recommend (or not) casinos. From these recommendations we may earn an affiliate commission. However, we only recommend casinos and gambling DApps that we deem trustworthy.  

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How we helped others

I've always been an avid player, but often I felt the odds were stacked against me. The rise of Ethereum casinos have given me the confidence I need to trust casinos again.
John P.
As an igaming industry professional, it is important to stay on top of the latest developments. ETH.Casino has helped me understand how blockchain can transform gaming.
Karen Z.