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Best Ethereum Casino 2018

While we’re finishing up the year, it doesn’t hurt to look back, and a bit ahead and take stock of the Ethereum Casino space, and in order to find the best ethereum casino 2018. 2017 marked the year of massive growth of the Ethereum project and with this, we witnessed the emergence of the first smart contract casino dApps. The early Ethereum Casino applications were mainly simply games, such as dice and roulette, however, a couple of exciting fully fledged casino projects were initiated as well. Although some promising projects have been abandoned, a couple have risen to the occasion, and have launched their early Beta version.

As with anything, it takes a while to build something truly remarkable, and this is not any different with Ethereum Casino’s. For many of us Ethereum has become quite commonplace, but we shouldn’t forget that it is less than a year ago that the project started to get wheels. In this light, we can’t really expect online casino’s to offer a wide range of games, which had to be built from scratch on a completely new platform and paradigm. But luckily the first and most important steps have been made.

We’ve always strived to list the best casinos for crypto enthusiasts, and Ethereum in particular, but as we approach the end of the year we think it’s time to look ahead. Although we don’t have a crystal ball, and the Ethereum casino landscape is extremely dynamic, below you’ll find the most promising and best Ethereum casinos for 2018.

Best Ethereum Casino 2018

2018 will mark the year that the industry transitions from Ethereum-accepting casinos to Ethereum-based casinos, so called Smart Contract dApps. So in our endeavor to find the best Ethereum casino 2018, we looked in the direction of decentralized casino application built on Ethereum’s smart contracts. As of yet, the list is quite small, with SmartRoulette.io as the front-runner in this category. While there are quite a couple of exciting smart contract casino in public beta, they have yet to confirm their ‘Going Live’ dates. Therefore, our choice is pretty limited between SmartRoulette, vDice, and Etheroll. From the 3 operators, SmartRoulette is the clear winner as it provides by far the best gaming experience.

A very close second place goes to crypto-games.net. Crypto-games.net is not built on smart contracts, however, their games run directly on the blockchain and that’s why this ‘hybrid-casino’ is worth to be considered for the time being.

Most promising Smart Contract Casino 2018

The most promising casino ICO of 2017 had to be Edgeless.io. We’ve written a couple of articles on the start-up already, and we’ve been impressed by their overall progress. In Q3 they released their beta version, where players could play black jack for play money and, honestly, it looked great. Much better than the very basic Ethereum casino games we’re used to. Besides this, Edgeless intends to offer Dice, Poker and Sports Betting – an exciting mix of games that can truly deliver a full bodied casino experience.

The best thing for all the players, there is no house-edge! How does Edgeless make money and stays in business we hear you ask? Edgeless offers games that are somewhat hard to figure out. Players tend to make game theoretical mistakes, and this is precisely where Edgeless has its ‘edge’. For instance, players tend to play Black Jack sub-optimal from a game theoretical point of view – splitting when they shouldn’t, taking a card when they shouldn’t, etc. So the little edge that Edgeless has, comes from ‘your’ mistakes, not from an arbitrary house-edge. In our opinion this small margin of operating profit would require a large number of players to use the players in order to make it profitable for Edgeless. Whether this is going to happen remains to be seen. However, it seems that the cards are stacked in their favour, with no house edge, a pleasant gaming experience and a range of interesting games. We’ll surely keep an eye out for this most-promising Ethereum casino.

Most Interesting Crypto Casino Developments 2018

Maybe some of you have already heard about DAO.Casino (not to confuse with The DAO debacle in 2016), but not many of us have seen it in action. DAO.Casino is a decentralized casino platform where all parties involved can interact. The platform will make it easy for game developers to make blockchain casino games, handle transactions, use decentralized random number generation, and much more. The platform markets itself as a blockchain protocol for fair gambling, as all elements; from RNG’s to automatic reward systems are transparent, auditable, and administered by cryptographically verifiable code.

The entire DAO.Casino protocol is managed by smart contracts, therefor no third parties need to get involved to ensure fairness. In short, it looks like the revolutionary casino platform will pave the way for a potentially huge ecosystem of smart contract casino games. It obviously remains to be seen in which capacity this materialized, but the barrier to entry is going to be lowered by a huge margin.


From our perspective 2018 will mark the year that online casinos are going to adopt blockchain technology and smart contracts in huge numbers. For all parties, from players, to developers, to casino owners, blockchain has something to offer and can greatly improve existing mechanics, overheads, and margins (both for the player and casino). And when the big money starts pouring into smart contract casino development, the range of offered games, gaming experience, and quality will greatly benefit all Ethereum Casino enthusiasts.

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