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100% First Deposit Bonus + 30 Free Spins

While most decentralized casinos are quite rudimentary, offering not much more than simple dice-like games, Fairplay aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and a full-fledged casino experience.

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In order to understand if the possibility of controlling casino honesty is realistic, you need to understand the mechanism of control called the TruePlay platform. Its goal is to legitimize gambling with the help of blockchain technology. Obviously, both fair casinos and players themselves want to get transparency in gambling, and its absence puts the business in an awkward position in a number of countries. We are sure that the blockchain is able to change the situation radically.

What gives the implantation of the technology to players and webmasters:

  • A casino balance control
    A player can check the casino’s balance and whether it pays winnings.
  • A smart contract for a player
    A player can check if someone intervened in the course of the gaming session and id someone changed the probability of winning. It is possible thanks to a smart contract based on Ethereum.
  • A lifelong binding
    Casinos’ attempts to cheat webmasters are one of the main problems of the industry. But the casino won’t be able to hide the activity of the invited player from the affiliate due to the smart contract. The casino loses the levers of evading payouts unless it decides to commit fraud in an obvious way.

T-3 Module

The above-described is possible thanks to the technology called T-3 Module which stands for Transparency, Trust, Trueplay.

The system works as follows:

  1. Game events (bet and win) are proxied on the side of the game provider.
  2. A unique public digital key that transfers the saved data to the gaming platform is assigned to these events.
  3. The accepted bets and winnings are retrieved from the response of the gaming platform.
  4. This response is sent to the game provider. It generates an anonymous and signed private key value for game statistics for a specific game event (DateTime, game_id, round_id, player_uuid, bet, win).
  5. The statistics are sent then to the Game Statistic Blockchain Publisher.
  6. The publisher provides statistics in the blockchain.
  7. Players, authorities, and users of the TruePlay software obtain the game statistics data from the blockchain and verify them using the public key of the game provider.

Fairplay Casino TPLAY

The TPLAY Token

TPLAY is a “chip” of online casinos involved in the project. This is a cryptocurrency that is used for mutual settlements in the TruePlay system. The player bets using TPLAY, and the casino makes payments to the winner and affiliate with the same tokens. The Bitcoin (Ethereum) to TPLAY conversion and the reverse conversion take place in the TruePlay Wallet automatically. Withdrawals occur on the same wallet from which they were deposited.

Versatility of tokens

The TruePlay technology is implemented in the casino. Other online gambling houses will be connected to the project in the near future. In order to make life easier for all involved in the process including the players, it was decided to create a single base for the project partners. The unified login, the unified wallet, and the unified currency called TPLAY. A gambler played at Fairplay a bit and then he went to finish playing at another casino, and at will, he came back. No additional registration, no extra conversion of funds, no additional transfers and required deposits, no waste of time. It’s like shopping in a shopping district.

Smart contract as a guarantee of fair play

If in simple terms, a smart contract is a protocol in the form of program code that is stored in the “cloud”. The protocol obliges his signatories to comply with the contract including the point of penalties for failure to comply with the contract. The cryptographic basis of a smart contract does not allow its ambiguous interpretations and retroactive contract changes. Usually, it is used for the automated exchange of assets without intermediaries.

The blockchain technology which serves as the basis for a smart contract is required to verify the integrity of the contract execution on specialized independent resources.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Speaking about the smart contract it’s needed to say about the deposits and withdrawals. Currently, TruePlay Wallet is working with the most popular and trusted cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Also, the opportunity of withdrawing money via Skrill has appeared recently. The developers plan to connect other cryptocurrencies and fiat money too. Withdrawal takes a minimum of time, it’s up to one working day. But often that operation takes just a few minutes.

The operation of withdrawing currency from a casino is elementary. It’s enough to take the following steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the “Recharge” button
  3. Select the “Withdraw” tab
  4. Enter the information of the wallet from which the deposit was made
  5. That’s it, you can make a withdrawal

The casino availability

The casino works without additional software on PC and mobile devices. The game speed is high. Third-party applications are not required. You need only one of the popular browsers, for example:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox

Demo mode and a player motivation

You need not only a high-quality technical component of the project for a positive experience of visitors but also the opportunity to “feel” the project personally without risks to the wallet and to the anonymity. Fairplay provides such an opportunity:

  • Demo games
    Each game can be tried for free in order to not only evaluate its graphics and performance but also to “feel” the game.
  • 30 free spins for successful registration

Answer operators call after registration and get 30 free spins;

  • Sufficient deposit bonuses

100% First deposit bonus;

75% Second deposit bonus;

75% Third deposit bonus;

200% Fourth deposit bonus;

For players who like both TruePlay and Fairplay, the special offers program doesn’t end there. They will gain large bonuses for the first deposits as well as weekly bonuses in the form of free spins, cash-backs, and increased deposits. The technical support will help to solve any questions if the gambler has any as soon as possible. The Fairplay technical support works around the clock. The communication is available by calling, by online chatting using website applications, and by popular messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram.

The first experience with Fairplay will be even more pleasant in material terms thanks to the bonus that will be credited to you for the first deposit if you will use the link below.

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2018[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Deposit Methods” style=”square_outline” color=”purple”]Bitcoin & Ethereum[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Withdrawal Methods” style=”square_outline” color=”purple”]Bitcoin & Ethereum[/vc_toggle]

[vc_toggle title=”Withdrawal Times” style=”square_outline” color=”purple”]Transactions cannot be blocked by banks, and transaction speed is limited only by the speed of the blockchain[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Restricted Countries” style=”square_outline” color=”purple”]None[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Support” style=”square_outline” color=”purple”]Email, Live Chat, Social Media, WhatsApp, Telegram

Languages: English & Russian

Currencies: BTC and ETH[/vc_toggle]

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