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FortuneJack Sportsbook Review

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1.5BTC Welcome Bonus +250 Free Spins

Apart from offering a top-notch casino experience, FortuneJack Casino has a generous loyalty program and accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

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FortuneJack has been one of the leading crypto casinos since 2013. In fact, it was the first Bitcoin casino to extend their banking options to include altcoins, allowing players to deposit, play, and withdraw using several different decentralized currencies. The brand’s 2018 relaunch saw a stunning reimagining of their website, the number of software providers they host is downright incredible, and the list of exclusive in-house games continues to grow.

And today, FortuneJack is starting another new chapter – for the first time, they’re opening a Sportsbook, and like many of their rollouts throughout the years, this one comes with innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else. Seriously!

But if you’re skeptical, that’s a good thing. The smartest bettors do their research before joining a new Ethereum sportsbook. So here’s everything you need to know about the FortuneJack Sportsbook, and why we’re so excited about it.

Hugely Diverse Cashout Options and Features

If the best part about placing bets is collecting the winnings, then the best feature of the FortuneJack Sportsbook is the Anytime Cashout. And thanks to the exclusively-cryptocurrency banking options, the transfer times can take mere seconds. You could bet on thirty events in one day and make thirty withdrawals in real time.

You also have full control over how much is in each cashout, meaning you don’t have to withdraw everything. Instead, you can do a Partial Cashout, and as many times as you want. You can even set an Auto Cashout, where funds are transferred out of your account and into your personal digital wallet automatically, particularly useful if you’re sticking to specific budgets and win goals while also actively placing bets. So if you were playing all day, you could have Partial Auto Cashouts happening in the background all the while. Very convenient and streamlined.

Integrated with Sportsbook Data

Reader, we’re excited for you to experience the FortuneJack Betslip Menu. Not only are all of your active bets and Drafts neatly organized in one place, it is also fully integrated with the top sports betting data resources online. Get both historical and real-time data from the experts and websites of your choice in the same place where you can review all of your wagers. No need to have fifty tabs open and all the stats on multiple monitors. We’ve all been there, and we’re all glad to see it come to an end at the FortuneJack sportsbook.

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Intuitive and Customizable

Also within the betslip, you can favorite the specific markets you like to bet on, getting you right to the events you know and love. You can also see all the stake suggestions, odds changes, active selections, and more, all in one place. FortuneJack even lets its players change up the color scheme.  And once you have some favorite markets, you’ll be displayed some related events, which is a neat addition that can uncover some betting excitement that you weren’t aware of. For example, if you like placing Basketball Over/Under bets, you may be recommended Over/Under for Corner Kicks in football. Our eyes kept lighting up every time we logged in.

Flawless Cross-Compatibility

Part of the 2018 FortuneJack relaunch was a complete upgrade to their mobile platform, delivering an ultramodern platform that many (myself included) prefer over the desktop version. It’s just so navigable! It has a hyper-convenient bottom menu with all of my most-used shortcuts, and it’s completely integrated with all the features you might think would be limited to the desktop version, including the integration with the statistics websites. It may be the most comfortable mobile sports platform available today.

And More Innovations Coming Soon…

Like most online betting sites, FortuneJack made a commitment to constantly improve when they first launched in 2013. But unlike most brands, FortuneJack has actually stuck to their promise, not just consistently adding new ways to win money, but also optimizing their existing offerings.

And the same is true for the Ethereum sportsbook, as FortuneJack has already announced plans for these totally one-of-a-kind features:

Combine Events into One Wager with “Nonstop Betting.”

Probably the second most exciting prospect of playing at the FortuneJack Sportsbook (aside from the instant withdrawals) is the ability to combine multiple events in the same betslip. By doing so, you’re able to adjust your odds and how much you can win in real time. The different odds are fixed the moment they’re added, and they’re combined in real time, so you’re able to really take your time and make the best possible decisions as you go. It can be done an unlimited amount of times too – and the more events that are added, the higher the payout. You can see absolutely massive winning potential with this feature, then withdraw the profit instantly. What a combination!

Save Bets as “Drafts” Before Placing Them

Anyone who’s familiar with sportsbook betting knows how tedious it can be to find an event you’re intrigued by…only to keep checking back on it to see how the odds are changing. But with the Drafts Feature coming to the FortuneJack Sportsbook, you’ll be able to save events you’re interested in and bring them with you in your menu, easily checking on them without having to go track them down again. If you don’t like how the odds are shaping up on one, you can simply delete it. And if the opposite is true, it only takes a click to turn a draft into an active bet.

Take A Bet Back (Or Replace It with a New One)

If you’re familiar with Blackjack, you may know about the “Surrender” option. This is where you can give up on your hand after your bet is placed if you’re confident the dealer is going to win in the end. Half your money is refunded, the other half goes to the house. But why are we talking about Blackjack right now? To conceptualize two FortunJack Sportsbook features you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else: the DELETE and the REPLACE.

With the DELETE option, you’ll be able to get rid of a bet you’ve changed your mind about. Many Ethereum sports bettors know the feeling of pressing the bet button, then seeing better odds elsewhere just moments later. Always wish you could take it back? Well, now you can. By sacrificing 10% of your bet, you’ll receive the rest: 90% of your wager.

But the REPLACE option won’t require a penalty payment at all. For free (yes, seriously), you can replace an event with a different event (or as many as you want). This is a level of betting freedom that we cannot wait to experience.

Wide Variety of Promotions

Beyond the personalized offers we regularly receive in our FortuneJack inboxes, there are a lot of advertised opportunities to spend less while placing more bets too. Expect Free Bet and Risk-Free Wager offerings as well as Leaderboard tournaments, odds boosters, and more. Since their promotions team is always cooking up something new and exciting, we hesitate to get too specific. But we can say without hesitation that you won’t be disappointed – our bonus expectations have been exceeded at FortuneJack time and time again.

In Conclusion…

There’s a lot to love about the FortuneJack Sportsbook. Withdrawals can be instant and as frequent as you want. The platform is as intuitive as it gets, whether you’re on desktop or mobile. The features are near-countless in quantity and almost unquantifiable in usefulness. And as far as the upcoming rollouts are concerned, we’re not sure which we’re most looking forward to. From the REPLACE and DELETE options to Combining Events, bettors can take a remarkable amount of liberty with their sports betting strategy. The only foreseeable downside that we can think of is the requirement to play in cryptocurrency, as FortuneJack does not accept any other form of payment. However, they more than make up for it with the final product. (And if you’re already in the crypto game, it’s not a downside at all.)

Give FortuneJack Sportsbook a try. The benefit of joining now is to get acquainted with the setup while becoming one of the first to enjoy the extra features as they’re introduced, including the promotions. In fact, we’d place a large bet that you’ll be impressed by something every time you log in.

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