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Apart from offering a top-notch casino experience, FortuneJack Casino has a generous loyalty program and accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. Full Review >


If you’re looking for a super solid casino that offers a great variety of casino games AND accepts Ethereum, you might have found it in Bitstarz. Full Review >

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mBit Casino has one of the largest product ranges in the industry, offering more than 1000 individual games for players who are looking to use crypto. Full Review >

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The fresh look of combined with a variety of proprietary games and cryptographic security is what makes Bitcoin and altcoin casino worth your while. Full Review >


In our opinion Betcoin is a very well rounded crypto casino, with a wide range of proprietary games including, casino, slots, poker and sports betting. Full Review >



When you are a real crypto enthusiast, you surely appreciate the new direction SmartRoulette is taking, with trust and privacy as main selling points. Review is one of the first viable Smart Contracts based platform that lets you play one of the world’s most favorite games. The game uses RLT, and Ethereum token on which the game is built. Although SmartRoulette requires you to buy RLT tokens in order to play, this is a huge step in an exciting new direction. The game is based on European Roulette, with one version letting you bet directly on the blockchain. This version requires some technical knowledge, but doesn’t require a sign-up and is fully anonymous. The more user friendly version called the “win-win”, allows you to bet RLT tokens the wat you’re used to. Somewhat limited, but very thrilling.

Even though SmartRoulette might not be what you are looking for, as most of you are looking for more traditional online casinos, we deem the roulette platform worthy of a recommendation. It is obviously limiting to only offer one game, and it might not be as sleek as other roulette games out there, it IS one of the most pure forms of crypto gambling. When you are a real crypto enthusiast, you surely appreciate the new direction SmartRoulette is taking, with trust and privacy as main selling points.


Instant Deposits and Withdrawals
True Smart Contracts based Game
Earn RLT tokens while playing


Roulette Only
No US players
Need to Purchase RLT token

RLT Token

The fact that you need an Ethereum token called RLT (Roulette Token) might be off-putting to some – it is required as the fuel of the Smart Contracts based Roulette Platform it is. The Livecoin platform lets you easily convert your BTC or ETH (or fiat) into RLT after which you can fund your SmartRoulette account.

Support & Security

The Roulette game is open source and “trustless”, meaning that anyone can look into their source code. Any bet you make will be held in an Ether smart contract. After the wheel has turned and a number has fallen, the bet is released – either in favor of the house or in favor of the player. This means that the platform itself never touches your bet and inherently, the platform can never refuse to pay out. As for the ‘Win-win’ variant, the player is required to deposit funds onto the platform itself but as of yet, there haven’t been any complaints when it comes to payouts.

This brings us to support. Since the platform is so solid, and not much can go ‘wrong’ the support has been quite minimal. Though with the rise in popularity they decided to offer support through email for players who need assistance familiarizing themselves with the RLT token etc. The support team is available through email


For anyone looking for a true crypto casino should give you a taste of what is possible now, and what will be possible in the very near future. All concerns about fairness, and any form of human tampering can be put to bed, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite casino game without any worries.

Company Info


Developed by


Deposit Methods

You can refill SmartRoulette game with the RLT balance using any Ethereum wallet or cryptocurrency exchange account (

Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw your RLT balance after verifying your account via Facebook. Funds will be added to your Livecoin exchange balance.

Withdrawal Times


Restricted Countries

United States


The support team is available through email

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