The Best Ethereum eSports Betting Sites for 2024

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The fresh look of combined with a huge variety of Ethereum eSports betting options and cryptographic security is what makes this Ethereum and altcoin casino worth your while.

Ethereum eSports betting has taken over the world of betting providing users an avenue to bet on their favorite sports. This takes the gaming and sporting experience to a whole new level. To make things more exciting, online betting platforms have introduced what is called Ethereum eSports betting which allows players to bet on their favorite eSports using Ethereum, a fast and secure cryptocurrency. 

However, there are so many eSports betting sites where you can engage in Ethereum betting. How do you know the best eSports betting websites to go for? Look no further. In this article, we have compiled the top betting eSports sites online, especially those that support Ethereum gambling. 

From crypto eSports betting to Ethereum gambling, these sites offer a range of exciting options for eSports lovers who want to put their knowledge and predictions to the test. So without wasting more time, let us look at the best Ethereum eSports betting sites.

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5 Best Ethereum eSports Betting Sites

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1. BC.Game



For those who wish to place bets on video game competitions and tournaments, BC.Game provides a diverse selection of eSports betting options. Their offerings include popular games like NBA 2K, League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and more, allowing players to wager on different events.

The platform’s eSports betting section is designed with the user in mind, presenting concise and clear information on both current and upcoming events, as well as the available odds and betting options. Additionally, they go the extra mile by providing live streaming of selected events, enabling its users to fully immerse themselves in the betting experience.

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2. Stake Casino


4.5/5 has rapidly risen to the forefront of the online gambling industry, thanks in part to its exceptional esports betting platform. Catering to an ever-growing global audience, offers enthusiasts an unparalleled gaming experience through its diverse selection of esports betting markets and competitive odds.

One of’s most significant assets is its comprehensive coverage of popular esports titles. From global sensations like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends to emerging favorites such as Valorant and Call of Duty,’s esports betting offering is nothing short of impressive. Gamers can indulge in their passion for esports while simultaneously engaging in an exhilarating wagering experience.

Ethereum esports betting Stake

Moreover,’s user-friendly interface and seamless navigation ensure that both newcomers and seasoned bettors can easily find and place bets on their preferred esports events. The platform provides a wide range of betting options, including match-winner bets, map winners, handicaps, and many more. With live betting available for selected events, esports fans can feel the thrill of wagering in real-time. also entices bettors with its competitive odds and frequent promotions, such as cashback offers, free bets, and deposit bonuses tailored to esports enthusiasts. The platform’s swift deposit and withdrawal process, along with its support for multiple cryptocurrencies, further enhance the esports betting experience.

In summary,’s esports betting offering provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, and thrilling platform for esports fans looking to immerse themselves in

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Ultimate Guide

What Is Ethereum eSports Betting?

Ethereum eSports betting is the use of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency to place bets on different eSports events. It is just like classical sports betting. However, users are placing bets on the possible outcomes of tournaments, matches, or competitive video gaming-related events.

Meanwhile, Ethereum eSports betting is different from conventional eSports betting because Ethereum allows players to carry out secure and faster blockchain-based transactions that cannot be changed. In addition, Ethereum betting offers users more anonymity while placing bets and making withdrawals.

Basically, eSports betting sites allow you to deposit and withdraw Ethereum directly to your wallet instantly without bothering about third-party financial platforms. Interestingly, some eSports betting sites offer additional features like real-time betting, live streaming of events, bonuses, and promotions for users.

However, it is important to note that not all eSports betting websites support crypto or Ethereum gambling. Besides, there are regulatory restrictions in some regions that prevent citizens from using cryptocurrencies. As a result, users in such regions should be cautious and carry out research to know if they can take part in Ethereum eSports betting.

Ethereum esports betting

How To Bet on eSports Betting Websites with Ethereum

Below is a guide you can follow to have a feel of Ethereum eSports betting if you are new to the concept:

Open a digital wallet where you will store the crypto

Having a crypto wallet is very important in Ethereum betting as you will use this wallet to deposit and withdraw your earnings. There are several crypto wallets you can choose from such as Bittrex, Kraken, Trust, and Coinbase. The next step is to buy Ethereum and deposit it in the wallet.

Create an account on an eSports betting site that accepts Ethereum

As earlier stated, there is a large number of eSports betting sites. We have listed some of the top sites at the beginning of our article. Some of them include 1xBet, 22Bet, and Bet365. However, you must confirm if a bookmaker accepts users from your country.

Fund your account from your crypto wallet

Now that you have a wallet and have registered on your preferred Ethereum eSports betting site, the next step is to fund your account. If you have Ethereum in your crypto wallet, you can go to the eSports site and follow the instructions.

Log in to your crypto wallet to confirm the transaction

Next, log in to your wallet. For Ethereum transactions, it is important to confirm the details of your wallet before proceeding with any transaction. You can do this by reviewing your transactions, and crypto wallet address. Ensure you check all the transaction details thoroughly before confirming.

Bet on your favorite eSports tournament or event

After completing all the steps listed above, you are ready to place your first bet and claim bonuses. Ensure you wager for games that you understand or you can always contact customer care for support.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Ethereum eSports Betting Platform

When choosing an Ethereum eSports betting platform, there are several things you should consider to ensure your funds are safe and secure. Below are some major factors to consider:

The Reputation And Review of the platform 

Before placing your Ethereum on an Ethereum eSports betting platform, ensure the platform is registered and has a good reputation. Only go for platforms that are transparent in their offerings, terms and conditions, and are reliable and secure. You can check the ratings, feedback from past customers, and user reviews to assess the platform’s reputation.

Security And Safety 

Ensure the Ethereum eSports betting site has a robust and sound security system. Look for ethereum eSports platforms that use advanced security protocols such as SSL encryption and cold storage of funds.

2FA (two-factor authentication) can also be helpful to secure users’ accounts from the potential hack. The reason you need a secure and safe platform is to make sure your funds and earnings do not disappear overnight.

Ethereum esports games

eSports Coverage And Games

Does the Ethereum eSports platform have a large collection of eSports games you can bet on? Also, check for the eSports tournaments and events available on the site. Lastly, ensure the eSports betting site has various betting options and good odds to increase your chances of winning. 

User Experience

The Ethereum eSports betting site would have a user-friendly interface that is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. This will make it easier to place bets and navigate across the different sections. It should also have responsive customer support that you can access 24/7 if you have concerns or issues.

Payment and Withdrawal

Go for Ethereum eSports betting sites that offer various payment methods and support a variety of cryptocurrencies. Also, consider how fast deposits and withdrawals are and if they charge any fee for these transactions. 

Benefits Of eSports Gambling


The Ethereum blockchain provides a platform where users’ personal information is safe and secure. Moreover, the majority of Ethereum eSports betting websites do not ask users to submit identity cards for verification. This allows individuals to enjoy anonymity while betting on Ethereum. 


Similar to other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum allows game players to enjoy instantaneous deposits and withdrawals since blockchain networks operate without weekends or off-hours, unlike traditional banks.


The surge in eSports betting has increased the advancement of novel technologies and innovations in the betting sector. Some of these new advancements include mobile betting applications, real-time betting, and live streaming.

Ethereum esports book sites


Ethereum operates on a decentralized blockchain network, which is secure. Hence, it is not prone to attacks like the conventional eSports betting platforms. 


Ethereum transactions are exempted from taxes. In most countries, taxes are only applicable if the individual makes a profit by selling Ethereum. Additionally, the majority of Ethereum eSports betting sites do not impose any transaction fees for Ethereum deposits or withdrawals.

Easy Accessibility

Unlike conventional sports gambling, eSports betting is available to a wider range of users even those in remote areas. This is because most Ethereum eSports betting sites are accessible through mobile phones or desktops from any part of the world. Besides, some of these Sports betting platforms have mobile-friendly applications. 


In summary, all fans of eSports who want to broaden their gaming experience can start with any of the best Ethereum eSports betting sites listed above. These Ethereum gambling websites offer a fast, convenient, and secure way for individuals to bet on their favorite games while also enjoying the benefits that come with Ethereum as a safe and secure cryptocurrency. 

From the top betting eSports markets to the best promotions and odds, the websites in the article are among the best Ethereum eSports betting sites you can find online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. Whether Ethereum eSports betting is legal depends on the jurisdiction the user is staying in. There are some countries where online gambling is completely legal and it is regulated by the government. However, in other countries, there are restrictions banning online gambling as well as Ethereum gambling. 

Besides, not all countries support cryptocurrencies. For instance, countries such as North Macedonia, Iran, and Nepal have banned the usage of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum. Furthermore, some Ethereum eSports betting websites do not accept users from certain regions. 

As a result, they have to go for the conventional eSports betting platforms that support the traditional payment method. Therefore, users need to do their due diligence or research thoroughly to know if cryptocurrencies are supported in their region or if the Ethereum eSports betting websites they want to use support players from their region.

Moreover, some Ethereum eSports betting platforms require users to submit a means of identification during registration as part of KYC regulation. This could pose danger for such individuals when they try to withdraw their funds from such platforms.

The amount of money an individual can make from eSports betting depends on different factors. These factors include the odds offered by the Ethereum eSports betting platform, the amount staked on the bet, the number of times the individual gambles, the bonus offered for each ber, and the number of bets won.

However, know that eSports gambling is just like any other gambling and is just for entertainment. Hence, users should bet responsibly to avoid falling into financial distress. While you can make money through Ethereum eSports betting, money can also be lost when predictions do not go as planned. 

Although some eSports bettors or pundits might claim to make large amounts of money from betting using a particular strategy or technique, it is best to exercise caution as such may not be entirely true. 

Meanwhile, there is another aspect we should consider and that is the tax implications associated with eSports betting. Some countries charge eSports betting players a certain fee whenever they win. However, Ethereum eSports betting offers users direct access to their winnings. 

On the flip side, some countries have now introduced crypto tax which means such earnings could be taxable. Hence, ensure you research before placing bets on any Ethereum eSports betting site

The kind of bonus you can receive when using Ethereum eSports betting sites depends on various factors. One major factor is the site itself. Most Ethereum eSports sites offer different kinds of bonuses to attract users. The bonus can include a deposit bonus, welcome back bonus, cashback, and free spins.

However, you can check the platform’s promotions page to know the kind of bonuses that are available. The bonus can range from $10 to $1,000 worth of Ethereum or BTC.

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