It has been an interesting year since our last 2021 guide to say the least. It’s fair to say that cryptocurrencies have cemented their position in the zeitgeist, with new all time highs reached last year, and adoption higher than ever before. The Ethereum casino industry did not lag behind. Many casino have listened to their customers and now offer a variety of crypto payment options, Ethereum being no exception. Let’s have a closer look in this Ethereum Casino 2022 Guide. Who are the gainers, who are the losers?

Top 3 Ethereum Casinos 2022

Over the past year we saw many newcomers entering the Ethereum casino space. We also saw the decline of some of the ‘older’ crypto casino which didn’t manage to catch up with the times. This has mixed up our top 3 significantly! Below you’ll find our top 3 Ethereum casinos for 2022 that are trustworthy, safe, have great games, and offer something for everyone. - A true crypto gaming experience

Stake was one of the first casino that really leveraged the potential that cryptocurrencies have to offer. Launched in 2017, it offered a distinct look, proprietary games, and provable fair algorithms that are broadcasted on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2022 is one of the most well-known names in Ethereum casino gaming, with big name sponsorships and endorsements and all. Features

The games on Stake’s platform are provable fair. This means that anyone can verify the outcomes of all games and transactions. This leaves something to be desired for with traditional online casinos. carries an official Curaçao eGaming License – a regulatory license many online casinos in the crypto space carry. Besides this, Stake is also part  of the Crypto Gaming Foundation – an organization promoting provably fair gaming. Games

In the beginning Stake only offered a couple of games. Even through they were entertaining and original, over time you want more from your favorite Ethereum casino. And so they built out their game offerings, staying true to their provably fair principles. Stake now offers a plethora of proprietary games that are decentralized.

Besides this they now also offer many well-known games of the biggest game developers, including Netent, Evolution Gameing, Betsoft, and many more.

If this wasn’t enough, Stake launched their own Sports Book a couple of years ago. Stake’s sportsbook offers the widest variety of games, from major US sports, to e-sports, to obscure games like pesapallo (right?!).

Over the years Stake really closed the gap between traditional online casino and crypto casinos. Their offering in games is hard to beat, even compared to the biggest established online casinos.

Stake Com Ethereum Casino 2022 Bonuses and Promotions

Starting out as a truly decentralized casino, the house edge was much smaller than with other casinos. This left them with little wiggle room to offer huge welcome bonuses and the like.

Even though they were creative in coming up with ways to instill player loyalty, the bonuses were less juicy. However, over time things changed, and their huge offering in games managed to attract a wider audience. This made it possible for Stake to offer a range of bonuses, races, and other promotions, standing out from most of the competition. Payments

From the beginning Stake offered deposits and withdrawals in the 5 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. Now it expanded this range to over 10 cryptocurrencies that are in popular demand.

If you want to deposit in fiat, no problemo. Since a couple of years it also accepts most common fiat currencies.

With their built-in trading platform you can easily convert your Dollars to Ethereum and visa versa. Making it a seamless integration, where you don’t need to leave the platform in order to use your favorite currency.

Payouts also come only in the form of cryptocurrencies. As such, there are no minimum or maximum payout limits. However, there is a fee to process the payouts – which varies depending on the digital coin you want to get paid in. 


For 3 years in a row has topped our list, and for a good reason. Year after year they have been improving in major ways!

What started out is a niche Ethereum casino, has now grown into a major online casino, sweeping the floor with many of the well-established names. With an unrivaled amount of games, promotions, deposit and withdrawal options, and even decentralized provably fair games, we can’t think of much more you could ask for.

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WOW Casino - A newcomer with lots of potential

WOW Casino is a newcomer with big potential. Our number 3 Ethereum casino for 2022 , owned by industry veterans, takes a crypto-first approach building the brand. The casino has clearly taken a good look at the competition, and aimed to adopt what worked well for others, while looking for opportunities on what could be improved. The result? A modern crypto casino with many many features, great support, and a trustworthy team behind it.

WOW Casino Features

Like some other Ethereum casinos, WOW Casino has proudly adopted the provably fair standard. This assures fair games and transaction, for anyone to verify on the blockchain.

Besides great welcome bonuses, WOW casino also offers tournaments, adding to the thrill of using an Ethereum casino!

WOW Casino Games

At WOW Casino you’ll find a huge range of games from well-known game developers. This means that you can also play progressive slots, where jackpots are combined from multiple online casinos. This can lead to jackpots of literally millions of $!

Apart from more traditional slots, WOW casino offers provably fair games from Spribe Gaming. Their proprietary games have taken inspiration from popular decentralized games, including dice, plinko, and Ethereum Crash Games. Not only do their games look amazing, they have something truly new to offer compared to most slots.

WOW Casino Bonuses and Promotions

From the get-go Wow Casino has been generous with their promotions. As industry veterans, they knew that the way to attract Ethereum casino enthusiasts was through bonuses.

At the moment of writing, their $5000, 100% welcome bonus is unrivaled in the Ethereum casino industry.

Besides the welcome bonus WOW Casino offers many ongoing promotions that make it worth your while.

WOW Ethereum Casino 2022

WOW Casino Payments

WOW Casino has made it easier than ever to deposit with their fast step-by-step video guide.

All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet. They recommend opening a ‘Kraken’ wallet for this, but the steps are the same for alternative wallet choices too.

You can make transactions using all the major Crypto currencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more.

WOW Casino Conclusion

With plenty of Ethereum casino offering sub-standard service, it is refreshing to see new casinos offering a solid range of games, bonuses, and support. Even though WOW Casino is still growing, it shows lots of potential with an offering that is already well above industry standards.

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Ethereum Casino 2022 Ultimate Guide

Best Ethereum Casinos for 2022 – Key Takeaway 

‘Out with the old, in with the new’. This seems to be an ongoing trend in the Ethereum casino industry. New brands are making a name for themselves at a rapid pace. This is of course beneficial to the punter, who is getting a better gaming experience year after year.

Since the rise of Ethereum over 5 years ago, a lot has happened. Cryptocurrencies have seen wider adoption and more use-cases. This continuous innovation is also very welcome for the online casino industry, which has been stale for many years.

New 2022 Ethereum casinos, new games and better technology have all led to a casino experience that is unparalleled. 2022 marks the first year where Ethereum casinos are actually better than traditional online casinos in many ways. The evolution from simple crypto dice games, to fully-fledged casinos has been remarkable to witness, and makes us excited for what in store in the future.

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