If we rewind to the early days of crypto-related gambling platforms, there is one game, and one game only, that stands out – SatoshiDice. For those unaware, the infamous crypto dice game allowed users from all over the world to gamble on the outcome of a cryptographically-generated dice. 

Sound boring, right? Well, you might be right – but the overarching attraction to SatoshiDice was that for the first time ever – the outcome of an online gambling game could be publicly verified for its fairness beyond doubt. It did so through an innovative protocol known as Provably Fair. 

While Provably Fair is still here to tell its story, SatoshiDice is nothing more than a distant memory. In this brief article, we seek to explore why that is. Most importantly, we look to see how the online crypto-casino space has since been amplified into a modern, slick online ecosystem that now consists of thousands of casino games of all shapes and sizes.

What was SatoshiDice?

First and foremost, let’s take a quick journey down memory lane. In its most basic form, SatoshiDice was an ultra-simple gambling game that allowed players to bet on the outcome of a virtual dice. There was a basic interface that gave players an element of flexibility in setting their own betting parametres. For example, you would first need to set the mid-point of the dice. In the case of SatoshiDice, this was between 0 and 65,535.

The specific odds that you would be given were based on the mid-point, and whether you decided to go higher or lower. Let’s say the mid-point was 10,500. As the chances of the next number landing on a digit higher than 10,500 would be significantly more likely than the next number being lower, the odds would be reflected in this. 

Before the player got to roll the dice, they would then need to determine how much they wanted to stake. Everything was denominated in Bitcoin. Finally, once the stake was entered, the player could then virtually roll the dice. 

As we briefly noted earlier, the overarching attraction of SatoshiDice was that it utilized Provably Fair technology to determine the outcome. Without getting too technical, the Provably Fair protocol would take a seed from the player, a seed from the SatoshiDice platform itself, and hash the subsequent random number. As a result, it was virtually impossible for either the player or the platform to pre-define the outcome, nor could it in any way be manipulated.

Although SatoshiDice is no longer around, a significant number of online casino sites have since adopted the Provably Fair technology into their framework and thus – heaps of crypto dice games are now available to play at the click of a button.

Crypto Dice Satoshi

Super high stakes and instant payouts

On top of having the flexibility of setting your own betting parameters, crypto dice games also allow you to engage in super high betting stakes. On the contrary, fiat casinos are somewhat restricted in the size of the bets that they can take on. 

This is often due to regulatory restrictions, with online gaming laws getting more and more stringent in recent years. In other cases, it’s simply because a player goes on a winning streak, and the casino in question no longer wants to offer the player the chance to win more.

It is also important to note that crypto dice games also benefit from instant payouts. This typically comes in two forms. On the one hand, some platforms will distribute winnings straight to the player’s external crypto wallet as soon as the dice bet is settled. 

While it is notable that winnings can be accessed in a matter of minutes, this does make it somewhat problematic if the player wants to place another bet, not least because they will then need to repeat the deposit process.

On the other hand, most crypto dice games will now give you an in-house wallet that comes with a unique deposit address. This way, the player can keep their funds on the dice platform until they choose to make a withdrawal request. When they do, the dice platform will typically release the funds automatically – with the player often receiving the funds on the next block confirmation.

Crypto dice games: The current state of play

From the perspective of SatoshiDice itself, a simple dice interface made it extremely easy to deploy the game to a global audience virtually overnight. While players appreciated the ease at which they could gamble – alongside the guarantees that Provably Fair brought with it, something was missing – choice.

You see, the key problem with an online gambling platform that uses a single proprietary game such as dice is only ever going to lead to one outcome – boredom. If we take a quick step into the traditional world of fiat currency casinos, these are highly extensive platforms that offer thousands of casino games of all sizes. 

Whether its table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, live dealers, slots, progressive jackpots, scratchcards, or video poker – players now have the option of accessing all of these titles on a single platform. On the contrary, crypto dice platforms typically offer one game, and one game only.

As a result of this super-niche marketplace, there is now a new breed of crypto casino platforms that offer the very same gaming suites as that of their fiat casino counterparts. For example, the likes of FortuneJack and 1xbit now have one of the most comprehensive gambling platforms in the online space. 

Players can access slots, table games, live dealers, and more – all through a single account. This isn’t to say that crypto dice games have been left behind. On the contrary, the aforementioned casinos – as many others do in the online space, also offer a fully-fledged crypto dice section.

The future of crypto gambling games

To follow on the above section, while there is most definitely still player demand for classic dice games, the key point here is that players also crave other casino games concurrently. This is where new-age crypto-centric casinos have stepped up. 

You see, while crypto casinos now have gaming suites so extensive that they arguably rival that of traditional fiat sites, they still offer the very same benefits as found in the original SatoshiGame game. 

Fast and anonymous accounts

For example, crypto casinos allow you to open an account in a matter of seconds. While fiat casinos demand a full range of personal information, crypto casinos only require an email address. Furthermore – and perhaps most importantly, players are permitted to gamble anonymously. 

This means that there is never a requirement to upload any sensitive ID documents. This is in stark contrast to the fiat space, not least because players are required by law to upload a copy of their government-issued ID and proof of address.

crypto dice anonymous

Instant withdrawals

It is also important to make reference to the payments department. New-age crypto casinos that come jam-packed with thousands of games also allow players to deposit and withdraw funds instantly. 

Regarding the latter, this is super important, as fiat casinos are well known to make players wait for days on end to receive their winnings. On the contrary, as soon as the player makes a withdrawal request, the crypto casino will typically process it autonomously.   

Provably Fair

While the vast bulk of crypto casino sites will now use the very same regulated software developers as found in the traditional gambling space, most platforms still have a dedicated Provably Fair department. On top of crypto dice games, this will also include the likes of lotteries and keno. This ensures that players still have access to cryptographically-generated outcomes, if this is something they crave. 

If not, the underlying algorithms employed by regulated software providers are just as water-tight. For those unaware, software developers must get their games certified by a regulated testing house before they can launch them in the fiat casino space. As large-scale crypto gambling platforms like FortuneJack use the very same developers, this means that players are benefiting from the certification process and thus, can gamble in a safe and secure ecosystem.

State-of-the-art graphics

As a final point, we should also make reference to the underlying interface of modern-day crypto dice games. If you were fortunate enough to experience the original SatoshiDice game yourself, then you will remember just how basic it was. It was like travelling back to the late 1990s with outdated servers backed by 56k modems. While some players are not overly concerned by a lack of innovative graphics, others are. 

In fact, the modern-day player will crave state-of-the-art visualizations and high-end 3D graphics when they gamble online, not least because it adds to the end-to-end gaming experience. With that being said, new-age crypto dice games now come jam-packed with innovative graphics, subsequently ensuring that they cater towards to modern player.

Crypto dice games: The bottom line?

In summary, as innovative as the original crypto dice game of SatoshiDice was for the industry at the time, the phenomenon has since moved on. While players were initially accustomed to an outdated platform that consisted of just a single proprietary dice game, modern-day crypto casinos now host thousands of games. 

On top of enhanced crypto dice games, this also includes staple casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots, live dealers, and more. Ultimately, the online crypto gambling arena is now growing at an exponential pace. While there will always be a place for crypto dice games, players now expect so much more from an online gambling platform.

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