The State of Ethereum Games

State of Ethereum Games

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With the Ethereum casino space growing in popularity, players are now accustomed to thousands of games. This includes fan-favourites such as roulette, blackjack, and dice – as well as live table dealers and slots. Moreover, crypto-centric casino sites also host a number of arcade-style Ethereum games for those of you that are looking for something a bit different. Irrespective of the title in question, Ethereum casinos ensure that gaming outcomes are 100% true and fair. If opting for a classic casino game, then it’s likely that the underlying software was designed by a regulated developer. If it’s a new-age Ethereum game developed by a niche provider, then the outcome will be determined by Provably Fair. Nevertheless, fancy finding out what games are currently hot in the Ethereum casino space? If so, be sure to read our article on the State of Ethereum Games in 2020.

Types of Ethereum Games in 2020

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that there are generally two different avenues to the Ethereum games space – regulated software providers and niche developers that utilize Provably Fair. Let’s break the two down so we have a firm grasp of the types of Ethereum games you’ll be playing in 2020.

Regulated Software Providers

Crypto-casinos get the vast majority of their Ethereum games from regulated software providers. These providers are the very same firms that service the traditional fiat casino space. Think along the lines of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and Quickfire. 

These developers have an excellent reputation in the online gambling scene, and they are all required to hold at least one gaming license. In most cases, this will cover both the UK’s Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority

Nevertheless, Ethereum games that are built by regulated developers benefit from software that is 100% water-tight. Providers are required to get their newly created games sent to a regulated Testing House before they can go live on an Ethereum casino site. 

If the underlying software isn’t fool-proof, the game won’t be certified and thus – it needs to be sent back to the developer for further testing. 

Niche Ethereum Developers

A small number of Ethereum games are created by niche developers. Unlike traditional gaming developers, this particular segment of the crypto-centric gambling space remains unregulated. However, this shouldn’t concern you, as each game will be backed by a key piece of technology known as Provably Fair. 

Backed by the art of cryptography, Provably Fair is a transparent protocol that ensures each gaming outcome is 100% true and fair. Crucially, the seed that generates Provably Fair outcomes cannot be manipulated or amended by either the casino or the player.

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Best Ethereum Games

Although gaming trends change at a rapid pace, below we have listed the most popular Ethereum games in 2020. We’ve covered everything from table games, slots, live dealers, dice, and arcade-style games!

Ethereum Slot Games

If you’re a seasoned online slots fan, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Ethereum casinos host thousands of titles. This includes video slots, classic slots, and even jackpot slots. 

  • Lucky Leprechaun

If you’re after Ethereum games that pay a life-changing amount of money, look no further than Lucky Leprechaun. The cult-classic is available at most Ethereum gambling sites, and the jackpot prize is facilitated by a progressive network.

The game was designed by leading software provider iSoftbet, which is licensed by a number of regulators. At the time of writing, Lucky Leprechaun is paying a progressive jackpot of 53.8 BTC (ETH-equivalent), which is huge! As the name suggests, the theme itself is based on an Irish Leprechaun!

Ethereum Table Games

Table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat sit at the core of all casino platforms – both fiat and crypto-based. As such, this makes it extremely difficult to cherry-pick leading titles in the Ethereum space, not least because so many titles are in existence.

With that said, we’ve gone for the following two Ethereum table games in 2020.

  • Live Blackjack

Who would have thought it back in 2015 when the Ethereum blockchain was first launched? Just five years later, it would not only be possible to play blackjack with ETH, but you could also get your hands dealt by a real-world dealer right in front of your very eyes! This is exactly where the state of Ethereum games are in 2020. 

In a nutshell, live Ethereum blackjack allows you to choose how much you want to stake per hand by clicking on your virtual chip balance. Once the cards are dealt, you then get to make your decision by clicking on the respective button. For example, if you click on the ‘Hit’ button, the real-world dealer will deal you another card!

  • French Ethereum Roulette

What would an Ethereum games arena be without the presence of roulette? More specifically – French roulette. Why? Well, for those unaware, French roulette offers a much lower house-edge in comparison to its American counterpart. This is because you will only have one green zero to contend with. 

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, French roulette gives you 50% of your stake back on outside bets if the ball lands on zero. As a result, most crypto-centric casinos will allow you to play French roulette with ETH as your primary stake currency.

Provably Fair Games

Provably Fair games are typically designed by niche Ethereum developers. Here’s our top two Provably Fair backed Ethereum games of 2020.


  • Ethereum Dice Games


Taking a quick trip back down Memory Lane, the original crypto-centric gambling platform was that of SatoshiDice. Although the dice game was super-basic, the overarching selling point was that it utilized Provably Fair to generate gaming outcomes. As such, players knew beyond all reasonable doubt that the outcome was true and fair.

Fast forward to Ethereum games in 2020 and you can now play heaps of variants to classic dice. Crucially, players have much more flexibility in setting their pre-game betting parameters. This includes the capacity to choose a dice range, as well as the type of odds that you wish to target.  

  • Hi-Low

Also backed by Provably Fair, Hi-Low is a simple, yet highly enjoyable Ethereum gambling game that you’ll find at most platforms. At the time of writing, you can get your house-edge down to just 1% at the likes of FortuneJack, which is very competitive. 

The overarching concept is that you need to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the prior number. For example, let’s say that the Hi-low Ethereum game in question uses a standard deck of cards. If the previous card was a Queen, you would be offered super-low odds on the next number being lower, and very high odds on the number being higher. 

The fun part about Hi-Low is that you can keep on going for as long as you want. When you eventually “bottle it”, you can simply collect your winnings and walk away!

Arcade-Style Games

Arcade-style Ethereum games offer an enhanced gaming experience. In most cases, they are created by innovative Provably Fair developers. 


  • Ethereum Crash


Unless you have been living beneath a rock for the past year or so, then it’s all but certain that you’ve heard of Ethereum Crash. If you haven’t, the Ethereum game tests your greed levels to the limit! In a nutshell, the game will display a multiplier on-screen, which increases incrementally. 

For example, the game might have a multiplier of 1.5x for the first 5 seconds, 3x for the next 10 seconds, 4x for the next 5 seconds, and so-on. However, the game in question can ‘Crash” at any time, meaning that any players still active will exit the game and thus – lose their stake. 

To avoid this feat, you need to collect the multiplier before the Crash occurs. For example, if the multiplier is set at 3x, and you’ve staked 1 ETH, you would exit the game with 3 ETH.

As noted earlier, the best thing about Ethereum Crash is that it is guaranteed for its fairness through Provably Fair. In fact, each and every gaming outcome can be independently verified, as the data is publicly accessible.


  • Mines


In a similar nature to Ethereum Crash, Mines is yet another Ethereum game that tests your nerves to the limit. The main layout is based on the classic board game of Battleships, albeit, Mines has a grid of 5×5. Before the game starts, you will need to choose how many mines you want in operation. This will have a direct impact on the odds you receive on that particular round.

For example, if you elected to have 20 mines in operation, that means that just 5 boxes remain mine-free. Once you’ve installed your betting parameters, you then need to click on a box. If the box contains a mine, the game is over and you lose your stake. Boxes without mines come with a multiplier, which is then calculated against your stake.   

plinko ethereum games



  • Plinko


If you’re a fan of the timeless TV game show The Price is Right, then you’ll know all about Plinko. If not, the game utilizes a vertical board with a number of fixed pigs. The ball will be placed into the board from above, and it will roll down until it reaches the bottom. 

However, the ball can land in between a number of different pegs once it reaches its destination, with each peg represented by a different prize. In the case of Ethereum Plinko, each prize will be a multiplier against your stake. 

While some multipliers will sit between 1x and 33x, others will be lower than your stake! Ultimately, Plinko is yet another example of how far the Ethereum games space has come in 2020.

Sports Betting Ethereum Games

Although not technically an Ethereum game, it is crucial to make reference to the ever-growing Ethereum sports betting scene of 2020. This is because a number of leading crypto-centric platforms now offer fully-fledged sportsbooks. Here’s the main gist of what Ethereum sports betting games offer.


  • Pre-Match Betting


Ethereum sportsbooks give you access to thousands of pre-match betting markets across heaps of sports. Whether you want to bet on football, basketball, cricket, darts, rugby, or badminton – you’ll likely find a market.


  • In-Play Betting


You can also access betting markets while the game is still being played. The odds will update on a second-by-second basis – depending on what is happening in the game!


  • Cashout


Some Ethereum betting game sites also allow you to ‘cashout’ your bet early. For example, let’s say that you have placed a bet on Manchester United beating Liverpool, with United winning 1-0 with 5 minutes to go. 

Instead of taking the risk of encountering a last-minute equalizer, you can simply cashout your winnings, albeit, at lower odds than you will get by letting the bet ride!

Where can I Play Ethereum Games?

If you’ve read our article up to this point, then you’ll know first-hand just how broad the Ethereum games space is in 2020. This is further amplified by the fact that you can gamble on all of the above games with ETH. As such, if you’re looking to start playing Ethereum games today, you’ll have heaps of crypto-centric casinos to choose from.

However, no-two Ethereum gambling sites are the same, so we would suggest considering the following factors prior to signing up.


  • Reputation: How long has the Ethereum games site been operating for, and does it have a good reputation in the public domain?


    • Anonymous Accounts: Does the Ethereum gambling site allow you to gamble anonymously and thus – not require you to upload any sensitive ID documents?


  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals: Does the platform allow you to deposit and withdraw ETH instantly without delay?


  • Gaming Suite: How many Ethereum games does the casino site host? Moreover, are the games backed by regulated software providers, niche developers, or a combination of the two?



The Verdict?

In summary, the state of Ethereum games in 2020 is extremely positive. You now have access to thousands of cutting-edge gambling games – all of which can be played by staking ETH. This includes everything from table games like blackjack and roulette, slots, progressive jackpots, dice, live dealers, and arcade-style games like Plinko and Mines. 

Ultimately, you will need to find an Ethereum casino that meets your personal gambling needs to play one of the aforementioned games, so make sure you perform some due diligence on the site before depositing any funds! 

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